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  • What services does Beyond the Page provide?
    Beyond the Page assists authors in the self-publishing process for ebooks. Beyond the Page provides, at no cost to the author, editing and copyediting, formatting, digital conversion for all ereader formats, uploading to ebook retail sites, a dedicated ISBN, copyright application, marketing support and advice, content management, and subsidiary rights promotion and sales. We believe strongly that digital publishing is a dynamic process, which means we're always working with the author on content and price changes and file updates as necessary to help promote each work and other aspects of the author's career.

  • Are there any upfront costs to the author?
    No, none.

  • Who makes the decision on things like cover design and pricing?
    All decisions are made with the full participation and approval of the author.

  • What type of marketing will be provided?
    Beyond the Page has close relationships with all major ebook retailers and works closely with them to create marketing and promotional plans for each of our titles. In addition, we make our books available for review through NetGalley, which puts the books in the hands of thousands of reviewers, book bloggers, librarians, educators, and readers for the major online retailers, among others. We provide authors with a link to NetGalley as well so they can direct specific reviewers of their choice to their books. We also work closely with our authors to help them develop their own marketing plans.

  • What are the payment arrangements?
    Beyond the Page enters into an agreement with authors based entirely on actual sales for a set term. As in traditional publishing, where an author's advance and royalties are kept confidential, the specific terms of the agreement will be discussed only with individual authors who are interested in working with Beyond the Page.

  • How often are the authors given a statement of accounts and how often do they receive payments for sales of their books?
    Statements are sent to the author when received by Beyond the Page. In the cases of some ebook retailers this is monthly, for others it's quarterly. Payments are also sent either monthly or quarterly depending on when they are received from the retailer.

  • What happens when the term of agreement expires?
    When the term of agreement expires authors can take their books elsewhere or continue working with Beyond the Page—it's entirely their decision.

  • What kinds of books do you publish?
    Beyond the Page specializes in commercial fiction and nonfiction for both the adult and young adult audiences. Typically we look for text-intensive works rather than those that are heavily illustrated.

  • Do you have any manuscript formatting requirements or guidelines?
    While we prefer that manuscripts are submitted as Microsoft Word docs, we can also accept documents in Apple Pages, PDFs, and html. Once we know which form you want to deliver your manuscript in, we can provide more specific guidelines on any formatting that might be required.

  • Are you accepting new and unsolicited submissions?
    Beyond the Page is most actively looking to help those authors looking to bring their backlist into the market or to build and strengthen their careers through the opportunities afforded by ebook publishing. We are happy to hear from all interested authors at info@beyondthepagepub.com.

  • Do you work with agents and agented authors?
    We're happy to work with agents and agented authors who want to bring their backlists back into the market or publish new material as ebooks. Beyond the Page does offer a different payment structure for agented authors to help compensate them for a portion of their agent commissions.

  • Will you also help the author get published in paper format?
    Each situation will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. While Beyond the Page does not offer services for authors who wish to be published in a traditional paper format, we do offer services for such formats as print on demand.

  • How is Beyond the Page connected to BookEnds Literary Agency?
    Beyond the Page was started as a service to BookEnds clients who were asking for help, guidance, and their agent's participation in self-publishing ventures. Given the services we wanted to be able to provide our clients (including editing, copyediting, and marketing), we did not feel a traditional commission-based agency model was right for self-publishing. That's when Beyond the Page was created.

    Beyond the Page is a completely separate company from BookEnds. All business plans, staff, and financials are separate, as are submissions.

  • How can I learn more?
    Beyond the Page wants to hear from you! We believe we can best answer authors' questions by finding out exactly what you want to know, so we encourage you to email us at info@beyondthepagepub.com with your questions (subject line "FAQ"). We'll make every effort to post the best questions and our answers on this page as quickly as possible.