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  • What kinds of books do you publish?
    Beyond the Page specializes in commercial fiction and nonfiction for both the adult and young adult audiences.

  • What services does Beyond the Page provide?

    Our team of veteran publishing professionals provides, at no cost to the author:

    • Full content editing and copyediting
    • Professionally designed and illustrated book covers
    • Ebook file formatting that is compatible with any reading device
    • Pricing consultation
    • Distribution through all major ebook retailers, including but not limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks Store, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords
    • Copyright registration
    • Marketing and publicity, along with coordinated guidance for each author's marketing plans
    • Subsidiary rights promotion and sales

    And because digital publishing is a dynamic process, we continue to work closely with our authors after each book's publication, using book file updates, cross-promotions, and price changes to build and promote each work and other aspects of the authors' careers.

  • Who makes the decision on things like cover design and pricing?
    All decisions are made with the full participation and approval of the author.

  • What type of marketing will be provided?
    Beyond the Page has close relationships with all major ebook retailers and works closely with them to create marketing and promotional plans for each of our titles. In addition, we regularly submit our books for BookBub Featured Deals, and we make our books available for review through NetGalley, which puts the books in the hands of thousands of reviewers, book bloggers, librarians, educators, and readers for the major online retailers. We also work closely with our authors to help them develop their own marketing plans.

  • What are the payment arrangements?
    Beyond the Page enters into an agreement with each author under which we receive a portion of the royalties based entirely on actual sales for the term of the agreement. As in traditional publishing, where an author's advance and royalties are kept confidential, the specific terms of our agreement will be discussed only with authors who are interested in working with Beyond the Page.

  • How often are authors given a statement of accounts and how often do they receive payments for sales of their books?
    Statements and payments are sent to authors when we receive them from the various retailers; in some cases that's monthly, in others quarterly.

  • What happens when the term of agreement expires?
    When the term of the agreement expires, the author has the option of having all rights revert to them or continuing to work with Beyond the Page—it's entirely their decision.

  • Do you work with agents and agented authors?
    We're happy to work with agents and agented authors. Our agreement and payment terms are the same for authors represented by agents, and any agent commissions are paid out of the author's share of royalties.

  • What is a hybrid author?
    The term "hybrid author" refers to any author who publishes through traditional print houses and also self-publishes, either on their own or through a company like Beyond the Page.

  • Do you also publish print editions?
    Yes, but each book is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your book is a good candidate for a print edition, we provide all of the services listed above to create print-on-demand editions.

  • Can I bring my out-of-print book to you?
    We will always consider working with authors who have out-of-print books originally published in print form, but we generally do not publish books that have already existed in ebook form unless they're part of a broader ongoing series.

  • Are you accepting new and unsolicited submissions?
    Beyond the Page is always looking to expand our author list, and we're especially interested in authors who are actively writing and building their careers. We welcome submissions from any author who's interested in developing or strengthening their brand. Write to us at info@beyondthepagepub.com.

  • How can I learn more?
    Beyond the Page wants to hear from you! Feel free to email us with any questions not answered here at info@beyondthepagepub.com (subject line "FAQ").