Vella Munn

Vella Munn burst onto the local scene by writing and illustrating a comic book with the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver as the hero. Her readership of one, her younger sister, wisely praised it. Since then Vella has written at least sixty novels (she gave up trying to keep track), including everything from category romance, to man against nature, to young adult, to romantic suspense, to Native American historicals. She also writes erotic romance under a closely guarded pen name. The mother of two, grandmother of four, wife of one, and servant to two rescue dogs, she excels in avoiding shopping and embracing country living.

Her series include the Soul Searchers, the Soul Survivors, Montana Lakeside, and Feral Justice, among others.

When not writing, she thinks about writing, gets walked by her dogs, loves her family, and digs in the garden. You can learn more about Vella at