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Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan spent her childhood in Ohio and Rhode Island, where she wrote mysteries with pen and paper and stashed them under her bed. When her family moved to California, she headed to UC Berkeley, where she met her future husband, Paul, and together they survived college and law school (UC Davis). They've been married and practicing law ever since while raising two great kids—a son and a daughter.

Kate has had more than thirty novels and novellas published in genres including fantasy, historical romance, legal thriller, romantic suspense, and young adult science fiction. In addition to her Play Makers series, her historical romances are being rereleased in electronic format, her first young adult sci-fi (Mech Girl) was released, and aliens have abducted her heroines (in Perfect Specimen, Perfect Specimen: Brietta, and The Last Noel). There's also a time-travel story in the works and some light horror on the horizon—hopefully in terms of genre only, not real life. You can visit Kate's website at www.katedonovan.com.

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Historical Romances
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Meant to Be (A Mail-Order Bride Series)
Night After Night (A Mail-Order Bride Series)
Fool Me Twice (A Mail-Order Bride Series)
Love Passages

Identity Crisis (The SPIN—Strategic Profiling and Identification Network—Series)
Exit Strategy (The SPIN—Strategic Profiling and Identification Network—Series)
Spin Control (The SPIN—Strategic Profiling and Identification Network—Series)
Parallel Lies

Romantic Comedy
Harmless Error
Stolen Kisses

Space Opera Novellas
Space Fever
Star Fever