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Nichole Severn

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, where she spent most days at her grandmother's house getting into trouble with her cousins, Nichole Severn migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to be closer to family.

She graduated with a degree in psychology from Utah Valley University, a pursuit that stemmed from her obsession with serial killers, and received her bachelor's in English Literature from Nevada State. She has been in retail, insurance, and miscellaneous jobs, and is now following her lifelong passion in publishing. The serial killer obsession has toned down . . . a little.

She resides with her very supportive and patient husband in Sandy, Utah, where she enjoys running, rock climbing, snowboarding, and action movies.

Nichole can be contacted through her website at www.nicholesevern.com, via email at nichole@nicholesevern.com, and at Twitter at @nicholesevern or on Facebook.




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Books by Nichole Severn

The Breakup Artist
Let Me Out
Die for Me
Sour Cherry
White Trash Beautiful