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Sheila Connolly

A former art historian, investment banker, nonprofit fund-raiser, and genealogist, New York Times bestselling author Sheila Connolly began writing in 2001 and is now a full-time writer. She wrote her first mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime under the name Sarah Atwell, and the first book, Through a Glass, Deadly, was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel; Pane of Death followed, and then Snake in the Glass.

Under her own name, her Orchard Mystery Series (Berkley Prime Crime) debuted with One Bad Apple, followed by Rotten to the Core, Red Delicious Death, A Killer Crop, Bitter Harvest, Sour Apples, Golden Malicious, Picked to Die, and A Gala Event.

Her Museum Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime), set in the Philadelphia museum community, opened with Fundraising the Dead, followed by Let's Play Dead, Fire Engine Dead, "Dead Letters," Monument to the Dead, Razing the Dead, and Privy to the Dead.

Her new series, the County Cork Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime), debuted with Buried in a Bog, followed by Scandal in Skibbereen, An Early Wake, and A Turn for the Bad.

She has published ten original ebooks with Beyond the Page: the novels Once She Knew, Reunion with Death, Relatively Dead, Seeing the Dead, Defending the Dead, and Watch for the Dead; and the short stories "Called Home," "The Rising of the Moon," "Under the Hill," and "A Necessary Death."

Sheila is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America. She is a former President of Sisters in Crime New England, and was cochair for the 2011 New England Crime Bake conference. She currently lives in an overly large Victorian home in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats. She has lived in seven states, nineteen towns, and two foreign countries over the course of her life, and she loves to travel. Sheila is also passionate about genealogy and has a talent for fixing almost anything in an old house. Visit her website at www.sheilaconnolly.com, and check out her Sara Atwell titles at sarahatwellwriter.com.



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Books by Sheila Connolly

Original eBooks

The Relatively Dead Mystery Series
Relatively Dead
Seeing the Dead
Defending the Dead
Watch for the Dead
Search for the Dead

Once She Knew
"Called Home"
"The Rising of the Moon"
Reunion with Death
"Under the Hill"
"A Necessary Death"

Books Published with Berkley Prime Crime

Orchard Mysteries
One Bad Apple
Rotten to the Core
Red Delicious Death
A Killer Crop
Bitter Harvest
Sour Apples
Golden Malicious
Picked to Die
A Gala Event
Seeds of Destruction

Museum Mysteries
Fundraising the Dead
Let's Play Dead
Fire Engine Dead
"Dead Letters"
Monument to the Dead
Razing the Dead
Privy to the Dead

County Cork Mysteries
Buried in a Bog
Scandal in Skibbereen
An Early Wake
A Turn for the Bad

Book Published with Berkley Prime Crime under the name Sara Atwell

Glassblowing Mysteries
Through a Glass, Deadly
Pane of Death
Snake in the Glass