Survivor’s Heart by Vella Munn is available now!

Trapped in the mountains by raging snowstorms and facing starvation, Jessie Speer has all but surrendered her dream of reaching California—until Daniel Bear, an outcast among his own people, risks his own life to save her.

In an effort to achieve her father’s dream of a better life, Jessie Speer joins the ill-fated Donner party across the treacherous Sierra Nevada Mountains. As storms rage and starvation sets in, she clings to all she has. Hope for survival.

Daniel Bear believes strongly in doing what is right, and what is right means searching for the stranded settlers. It is because of his efforts that Jessie and the others are saved, and while Daniel expects to face further persecution from his people for his misunderstood past, what he never expected was the strong desire he feels for Jessie.

As their attraction blooms into an unwavering need, Jessie and Daniel, two kindred spirits who are unwilling to be bowed by the forces of nature or the rules of men, will be forced to confront their foes and their fears to embrace a love that may save them both.

“Vella Munn is a major talent in historical fiction. Her stories never fail to lift the spirit and warm the heart.” —Bestselling author Susan Wiggs

This book was originally published as Daughter of the Mountain.

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