About Us

When we launched Beyond the Page in 2011, our goal was to provide a home for authors who wanted to focus on their writing while we took care of the editorial, technical, and distribution aspects of electronic publishing. The ebook marketplace has changed dramatically since then, and we’ve continued to change with it. We still provide our authors with a complete range of services with no out-of-pocket expenses to them, but we’ve expanded our approach to include a dedicated focus on long-term planning and career building.

We’re committed to giving independent and hybrid authors the opportunity to expand their brands and their audiences. With individual approaches and individual attention, we tailor each author’s publishing program to help them reach their career goals in the most effective way. And we do that by building long-term relationships with our authors and coordinating every aspect of their publishing experience.

For a full list of the services we provide, please see our FAQ page.

Beyond the Page . . .

. . . working with authors to keep the series their readers love in print . . .

The Beyond the Page Team

Bill Harris

Editorial Director and Publisher

Bill has worked in traditional and independent book publishing for more than thirty-five years. He began his career in the managing editorial department of Berkley Publishing (later Penguin USA), where he handled a wide variety of genre fiction and general nonfiction. He eventually held the position of senior managing editor of Penguin’s NAL division, which he left to form his own editorial services company. He joined Beyond the Page shortly after its founding in 2011.

Jessica Faust


Jessica founded Beyond the Page because she believes there are many avenues to publishing and each author should take the path that speaks to them. Since starting the company in 2011 she has stepped back from the day-to-day operations to focus on her work at BookEnds Literary Agency.